Residential Property Fund and Asset Managers

We advise and manage capital looking to invest in residential property

  • We have an established track record of:
    • Creating and managing residential portfolios that meet return requirements
    • Partnerships with institutions, discretionary fund managers, family offices and private client advisors (including wealth managers, lawyers and accountants)
    • Rapid capital deployment
  • Research is at the heart of all asset allocation decisions
    • The constant monitoring of all macro and micro economic indicators is incorporated into our regular research on residential property

An independent partnership (LLP) founded in 2005 between Douglas & Gordon and Management

Investment adviser to the Prime London Capital Fund.

IPD Measured Fund

  • The leading Prime Central London residential fund. Set up in 2007.
  • 9 year track record of outperformance
  • Best performing IPD UK All Market Lets portfolio in 2011 with a total return of 16.2%
  • Visit the Prime London Capital Fund Website

£10 billion under management

  • Group collects rent for 2,500 tenants
    (0.04% default rate)
  • Over £65m of rent collected per annum
  • “D&GAM provides a one-stop shop for any residential property investor, research through capital deployment and improvement to management”
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